How to Delete Users in Bulk | Purging of Users in Bulk

How to Delete Users in Bulk | Purging of Users in Bulk

Purging users in bulk can be handy when you want to stay within your billing limit of users, or when you just want to keep your dashboard clean and tidy. The process is similar to Bulk unsubscription, with a slightly different file format. Since purging is an irreversible process, we have included an extra validation step to ensure that you do not accidentally delete users. You will be asked to type in your account name before the Purge button gets enabled.

delete users in bulk BME

On the right hand side you can see a live update of the progress of purging under the activity feed Recent Purges. Once the purge process is complete, it will show you the result (number of successful/failed purges) along with other details like the date and time of purging and the user who initiated the purge process. An email notification will also be sent to you upon completion of bulk deletion. You can download the details of purging by clicking on the Download option next to individual activity notifications.

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