Deliverability Report – Analyze Your Email Campaign Deliverability

Deliverability Report – Analyze Your Email Campaign Deliverability

Email marketing is still, arguably, the best way to reach your customers.  But what if a substantial percentage of your audience never get your emails?! You are not only wasting your time and money, but also missing out on valuable leads and sales. That’s why ‘Email Deliverability’ has become an important metric for most marketing teams today.  

Keeping this in mind, we are excited to launch Deliverability Report, a new feature in ZetaHub, which can help you keep track of your email campaigns’ deliverability.

1. Accessing Deliverability Report

The feature will enable you to deep-dive into specific deliverability details and metrics for individual campaigns. It will also allow you to compare the top domains that you’re sending to, and how those campaigns performed within each domain.  

You can access the report by clicking on ‘Deliverability’ below Reports on the left-hand panel. 

deliverability report

The report comprises of: 

  • A customizable visual chart that can help you easily digest data and identify deliverability trends. 
  • An interactive data table which you can use to get a neat list down of the deliverability performance.

    2. Compare deliverability across campaigns and domains

    Another great way to analyze your email deliverability is by comparing it between campaigns, and across domains. This can help you figure out if there are any deliverability issues for specific campaigns or for certain domains.  

    2.1 Deliverability across campaigns 

    This can come in handy when you want to compare the deliverability between different campaigns. 

    Click on the Campaigns drop down below Deliverability Report and select the campaigns of your choice. Then click the gear icon and select Compare. 

    deliverability campaigns compare

    2.2 Deliverability across domains 

    This option is useful when you want to compare the deliverability of your email campaigns across different domains like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. 

    Click on the drop down below Delivery Report and select the domains that you want to compare. Then click the gear icon and select Compare. 

    deliverability domains

    For example: 

    • You can analyze how email deliverability varies across domains over a quarter. 
    • Find out which domain resulted in highest complaints (maybe your emails aren’t rendering properly on the specific domain) 

    Note: All deliverability reports’ data can be downloaded to a CSV file by clicking on the download button on the top right-hand corner. 

    download deliverability report

    3. Customizing Deliverability Report

In addition to the main metrics that you get in other campaign reports (such as opens, clicks, CTOR, etc), you can analyze deliverability based on: hard bounces, soft bounces, blocks, total failures, complaints, and more.  

3.1 Customizing the chart: 

Show/hide the metrices to focus on the ones that matter most for your campaigns.  


deliverability report gif1

3.2 Customizing the data table: 

Click on the + button to select or de-select the metrices of your choice. 


deliverability report 2

3.3 Other customizations 

All the metrices in the chart and the table can be switched between totals/uniques and counts/rates. 

deliverability customizations

3.4 Customizing time duration 

Click on the gear icon to change the time duration for the plotting. You can switch between daily/weekly/monthly: 

daily weekly monthly deliverability

You can also customize the time duration using the calendar drop down at the top. This can help you in figuring out if there was a deliverability issue for a particular time. 

time duration deliverability

By selecting the appropriate time duration, you can analyze the deliverability on a day-to-day basis, or get a bird’s eye view by looking at an entire year’s/quarter’s data.  

3.5 Sorting of metrics by value 

You can also sort the table by clicking on the relevant metric to switch between ascending/descending: 

deliveribility report 3

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