How does an Email with Merge tags look?

How does an Email with Merge tags look?

Emails with Merge tags contain specific spaces for recommendations, images and descriptions of the recommended content. This content is pulled from your website and customer information and populated at the time a customer opens an email from you. This way, your audience receives the most up-to-date and relevant content.

For instance, the below email draft contains merge tags—such as {{rec.article.1.title}} and similar—for pushing recommended articles for a user:

In the email below, you can see how {{rec.article.1.title}} becomes the title “How Publishers (And Everyone Else) Can Maximize Their Email Marketing Efforts” (personalized for a user):

The image has loaded on top and the description is below the title. The read more link points to the original URL that the article is at.

Emails with merge tags may look complex at first, but as you get the hang of them, they are super easy to build and a great way to engage audiences personally.


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