Introducing the New Campaigns Report

Introducing the New Campaigns Report

Modern day digital marketing is all about data. Data that can fuel marketing campaigns and enhance their effectiveness. We at Zeta, have always kept actionable reporting as a top priority in our product enhancement roadmap. In continuation of this trend, we are launching a new update to our reporting module – Segment Level AnalysisWith this update, you can now view and download a detailed performance report of all your email campaigns, and further slice it down to any customer segments they were sent to. It is now easy to find if certain segments produced higher engagement than others. 

Accessing the new Campaigns Report section 

After logging in to the ZetaHub dashboard, navigate to the Reports section on the left-hand panel and select Campaigns. The revamped campaign reports page consists of a customizable graph at the top and an interactive table at the bottom, which you can use to select the most relevant metrics for you.

campaign reports

Once you have selected the campaign(s) of interest. You can see a list of all the segments that your target audience were part of when these campaigns were sent. You can see these segments nested below the respective campaigns. 

segment reports

You can customize the table by selecting additional metrics that you may be interested in or narrow it down to the metric that is most relevant to you.

customize report

You can also: 

  • Toggle between counts and rates to customize the table. 
  • Download the reports in CSV format  
  • Automate the report so that the relevant stakeholders get it right in their mailbox.options report download automate

Using Segment Reports 

Segment level analysis can be very helpful in figuring out the behaviors of different segments of your audience. Did people from a particular city engage more with discount campaigns? Did subscribers who joined your list in a particular month engage more with your newsletters? Questions like these are easier to answer now!

Here is a use case to explain how segment level analysis can help: 

Premise: An iPhone app company has been running a promotional email campaign to customers spread across the US, selling the app at a discounted price. The company uses Zeta and has a different segment for users from all the major cities. The promotional campaign however was sent to all the users in US and not to any particular city segment(s). 

Problem: The top management wants to know how they should pursue their marketing efforts. They want to know if the campaign has generated more engagement in San Francisco or New York or any other major city. Depending on the answer they will allocate budgets to their marketing efforts in those particular cities. 

Solution: Zeta’s Segment Level Analytics will showcase how the promotional email campaign has been performing for all the different city segments. The management can now know how the promotional campaign performed in all the different cities just by looking at the performances of their respective segments. 

us customers use case

You can do more 

If you have a campaign planned and want to know how the new segment level reports can help, drop a line to your Customer Success Manager and they will guide you further. You can also help us make this feature better by writing your feedback to [email protected]  

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