Seed Lists

Seed Lists

One of the key aspects of campaign deployment process is ensuring that the quality of the delivered email is as intended. This is often accomplished informally by sending test emails to all the stakeholders of the campaign before campaign launch. However, this can be a cumbersome task when there are multiple stakeholders involved. To tackle this issue, we are launching a new feature called Seed Lists in ZetaHub.

A Seed List allows you to continue testing the email post campaign launch, across different email clients and devices along with the regular sends of the campaign. This gives you the ability to measure the email’s deliverability and appearance in different devices and email clients. You can create a seed list that comprises of co-workers, or external agencies, or any other stakeholders of the campaign. The goal is to test the emails on a variety of different email clients and devices. This feature will provide you with an organized way to orchestrate your feedback channel for email campaigns.

How to create a Seed List

Log in to the ZetaHub dashboard and navigate to the sub-section Seed Lists under the Audience tab on the left-side panel.

create seed list

Click on the Create Seed List button and give your list a name, along with a brief description. Then click on the Add button to add members to the list:

create new seed list

You can add members to the list individually or just copy-paste the emails:

Adding emails individually


Adding emails through copy-paste


All of your Seed Lists are listed down in an interactive table for easy navigation:

Sort the columns in ascending or descending order


Edit, Duplicate or Delete lists


Who should be in your Seed List  

The seed recipients can be just the campaign manager or a set of team members – broader set of stakeholders or a more focused set of observers reviewing the campaign from different perspective such as mobile responsiveness, inboxing etc. 


  • Create a seed list called Marketing. Include it for regular marketing email campaigns like newsletters.
  • Create a seed list called Sales. Include it for email campaigns for which the Sales team is an important stakeholder – a seasonal promotional campaign for instance.


Here are a couple of guidelines that you should keep in mind while creating Seed Lists 

  • The name of the seed list is limited to 50 characters. 
  • There is an upper limit of 100 emails that can be added to a seed list.   

Selecting Seed List during campaign setup

When you are setting up a Broadcast or Triggered Email Campaign, you get the option to select the Seed List while you select the audience segment for the campaign:

Select the relevant Seed List


We would love to hear what you think about the update. Please write your suggestions to [email protected] and we will try to incorporate them in subsequent updates to this FEATURE.
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