Setting Up Dynamic Merge Tags

Setting Up Dynamic Merge Tags

When an email contains a section specification tag, merge tags take on a new syntax and need to be presented in the following format:


where <section_name> is the name specified in the section specification; <index> is the index of the recommendation (starting at the first recommendation in index 0), and <field> is the dynamic field to insert as text.

Note that the old merge tag syntax will take precedence when there is no section specification in the email; otherwise, the format is expected to be in this new schema.

Merge Tag Examples

// To return the title of the first featured_and_promoted_articles.

{{ featured_and_promoted_articles.0.title }}

 // To return the thumbnail src of the 2nd recommendation in the this_week section.

{{ this_week.1.thumbnail }} //  

Note: This will need to be inserted into an <img> tag to render the image correctly.


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