Template Library – Pick the right email templates for your campaigns

Template Library – Pick the right email templates for your campaigns

ZetaHub is equipped with a collection of predesigned email templates that you can pick from a template library. The library comes with sets of email templates that you can use to create different types of customer communications. The library has a free-flowing user interface and can be managed efficiently by grouping similar templates together using custom tags.

How to access it

After logging in to the dashboard, navigate to the Content section and select Templates.

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Exploring the template library

You can access the template library by navigating to Content – > Templates and then clicking on the Explore Designs option at the top.

access template library

The templates here are categorized into 5 types:

Basic Designs – Suitable for simple email communications.

Behavioral – Suitable for customer onboarding and nurturing communications.

E-Commerce – Transactional email communications.

Newsletter – Periodic email newsletter designs.

Note: This section will continuously evolve as we learn the needs of our customers and add more designs and categories.

Select the relevant template and edit it as per your need.

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The defining feature of an email template is its reusability. ZetaHub gives you the ability to create and reuse email templates in multiple campaigns. When you navigate to the Template Library, you can find all your existing templates listed under My Templates. You can pick any of these or pick any one of the predesigned templates from the library, by clicking on the Explore Designs option next to the New Template Button. You can use the selected template as a base and edit it as per your need.

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The main panel will then be pre-populated with the templates that you have already created. All of these templates under My Templates can be marked with search tags that help in grouping similar templates together.

my templates

For instance: You can mark your transactional emails, onboarding emails, etc. with relevant tags for easier template management.

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If your library is filled with hundreds of templates, the tags can be used as search-terms to easily find the template(s) that you’re looking for.

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Copying, editing, previewing or deleting the templates is also simple and the options are available on hover:

editing templates BME


Creating a new template from scratch

If you do not want to use the pre loaded designs, you can build your template from scratch using our easy to use visual editor or you can just import a ready HTML file.

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The Visual Editor comes with a fluid user interface that lets you just drag-and-drop different blocks of content (text, HTML, image, social media links, etc) into your template.

drag and drop template BME

If you have a ready HTML file, you can import that as well.

html import template BME

Video Walkthrough of the Update

Here’s a video walkthrough of the update and the UI changes to the dashboard:

Read more about using Template Editor here.
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