Template Library – Frequently Asked Questions

Template Library – Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have used visual editor before, where can I find my Templates.

You can find your old templates under Content -> Templates -> My Templates


2. I used to modify my visual templates and use ‘push to campaign’ option. I don’t see the ‘push to campaign’ button any more!

Earlier, the ‘Push to campaign’ action used to convert the visual templates to HTML in the backend. The converted HTML would then get pushed to the campaign. This was necessary since our campaigns could only understand HTML format for the message content.

However, with this update, you no longer have to do that. The campaign content now supports both visual and HTML formats. So, when you use a visual template to create a campaign, a copy of the template is created in the same format. Now, you can modify the content in visual editor directly and without affecting the template.

3. My campaign content loads in a code editor, I was expecting it to load in a visual editor.

You might be encountering this issue because:

  • You had used the visual drag-and-drop editor to create your template and then pressed the ‘Push to campaign’ button to push its HTML to the campaign. This essentially meant that your template was in visual format, whereas your campaign content was in HTML format.

You can use ‘Replace Content’ option on the campaign page, and pick the desired visual template. Thereafter you can modify the content in visual format directly.

  • You may have used ‘Extract HTML’ option on a visual template.

We currently do not support converting an HTML content back to a visual template format due to technical limitations. If you had previously used a visual template to create this content, you can use the ‘Replace Content’ option on the campaign setup page, and pick the desired visual template. You can then modify the content in visual editor directly.

4. I could make ad-hoc modifications to the template right on the campaign setup page. Why don’t I see that option any more?

Ad hoc modification was supported by our embedded rich-text editor. Rich text editors, while great for web content, are simply not suited for email content. We have seen several issues with rich text editors, where they try to automatically modify your email content to optimize it for the web; leading to responsiveness and other issues.

We’ve therefore decided to retire the embedded rich text editor and have built a new HTML editor from scratch. This editor does not modify the email content in any way. We are rapidly evolving this editor to make it more powerful than its predecessor. The interface is user-friendly and can even help you by highlighting the exact places in the code where changes are intended.

5. I can’t find “Insert Unsubscribe link” while composing a campaign

You can now find this option within the editor, when you click to edit the content. Click on the Insert Special Links drop down to insert an Unsubscribe Link.

6. I have an HTML content and I’d like to change the URL of the logo image.

The new code editor preview is enabled with an inspection feature. The feature allows you to click on the logo (or any part of the email content) in the preview panel to highlight the image url (or the relevant part of the code corresponding to the email content you click) in the code panel. You can then easily modify the link.

code editor highlighter

Detailed Video Walkthrough of the Update

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