User Profile Update – How to add User Properties

User Profile Update – How to add User Properties

User profile data is a goldmine for marketers. From small businesses to big organizations, marketing initiatives yield the best results only when backed by expansive user data. It becomes far more easier to define effective marketing communication strategies when you know more information about your users. Collecting such data is a continuous process that starts from the time the users begin their buying journey with you. While this process is usually automated and the data keeps getting updated automatically, there are times when you might need to update a user’s profile manually, with information that you source from elsewhere.  

Our latest update is aimed at making this easier for you. Till this update, you could update the User Profiles’ data using a CSV upload method or through APIs and other integrations. You can now update individual User Profile data with just the click of a button!

Here’s how

After logging in to ZetaHub, navigate to the Audience section and search for the user profile that you want to update.

Click on the USER ID to open the User Profile and select the Properties tab. You can now see Implicit (uneditable) and Explicit (editable) user properties listed down in columns next to each other. Click on the button on top right hand corner of the explicit properties block to add new user properties.

Name the user property that you’re adding and select the property type (Text, Number or Date)

Add user property boomtrain

You can also delete a user property if you ad it by mistake.

Delete user property

We would love to hear your feedback on this update. Please drop us a note at [email protected]

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