What is an activity?

What is an activity?

The most basic operations and actions that a customer does on your website is an activity. Any activity that your users perform on your website can be tracked on ZetaHub. An Activity can vary from a simple page view to something much more complex, like a product purchase and shopping cart update.

Keeping track of user activities is a great way to understand who your active and engaged customers are, how they navigate your website, where they get stuck and a whole lot more.

Example Activities

You can create an activity out of any action a user takes on your site. By default, ZetaHub tracks a ‘viewed’ activity every time a user loads a page. This is how we learn about a user’s habits and interests. There are many other actions users take that can be utilized for triggered messages. Below are just a few for reference:

    • Social Share : To track social media shares or email shares.
    • Watched Video : To track video views.
    • Comment : To track comments on your articles or forums.
    • Update Cart : To track updates to a user’s shopping cart
    • Purchase : To track purchases on the site.

To view all of the activities ZetaHub is currently tracking on your site, navigate to Activities > Tracked Activities.


You can also use the search feature under Recent Activities to:
– Search for an activity and list down all users who have performed that particular activity.
– Search for any user and list down all the activities that the user has performed.

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